Use these opportunities to rejuvenate! My instruction style will keep you coming back for more. Your safety and enjoyment are guaranteed in these mixed level classes. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate yogi, you will find your groove with the ability to customize your experience in the class.

    Gentle and chair yoga class are for those who desire additional support in a yoga class, especially more senior beginners and those recovering from injury. Click here for the schedule.


 Start or deepen your yoga practice with private classes designed to meet you where you're at, and move you confidently down the path to becoming the yogi or yogini you want to be. Whether at my studio space or at your home or office, the personalized instruction of poses, sequences and adjustments will create the exact yoga experience you desire. Contact me for availability.


    Bringing yoga into the workplace is known to increase productivity and, workplace satisfaction, with the added benefit of better attendance and lower medical expenses due to less illness. My focus on participant safely and expertise in teaching mixed levels makes me the perfect choice for your Orlando area business. Contact me to start the conversation.


    From time to time I will host or co-host a workshop with a guest presenter, to deepen our knowledge and experience of an aspect of yoga practice, philosophy or health and healing. It’s an opportunity to gather with like-minded and like-hearted yogis to expand individually and collectively. Topics might include inversions, meditation, Yoga Sutras, Chakras, nutrition and energy medicine. Sign-up in the form at the bottom of this page to get information on new workshops.


    Online classes give you an opportunity to practice yoga from the convenience and privacy of your home. Whether this is done occasionally due to a busy schedule, or, on a regular basis, I offer 3 levels of recorded classes to guide you. Class format includes breath-work, warm up, working poses, balance, stretching and relaxation. Coming Soon

  • Beginner is for generally healthy, able-bodied people who have little or no experience with yoga. Detailed pose instruction is offered as we flow through the sequence.
  • Intermediate is designed for healthy, active people who desire a more vigorous class. Detailed pose instruction is still included.
  • Gentle and Chair yoga is the best way to begin your yoga practice if you have current health challenges or injuries, or, if you’re someone who up until now has not been very physically active. Welcome! We use lots of props and love to guide you to your best physical state and relaxation.


    These are series of classes designed around a particular theme or teaching.


    The Chakras are the 7 energy centers of the body, associated with the major nerve centers of the spine. It is said they are the expression of our spiritual energy on the physical plane, and they strongly affect our health, attitudes and behavior. To have optimal health, expand our consciousness, and foster a meaningful connection with the outside world, we must bring these energy centers into balance. The lessons explore the significance of each Chakra, and offer poses and sequences to open and balance them.