My name is Roslyn Leventhal. I have been taking yoga for many years, however, my most enjoyable class is with Janet Wenger. Her soft voice and aura is very relaxing and instantly gets you in the mood for deep breathing and stretching. Her main focus is on the process of breathing and she will encourage us to think about it when we are doing every stretch and pose. There are always people in the class that are taking yoga for the first time and Janet goes slowly and methodically for each position working up to the most advanced positions. She gives a myriad of options and modifications so if you are new to yoga, or your body isnʼt liking what is asked of it, you can still get the reward of the pose in a more subtle way. I am 66 years old and I give yoga the credit it deserves for my flexibility and strength.

—Roslyn R.


I am a 64 year old woman with bad knees and I don’t have a great yoga body so I was very lucky to find the perfect yoga teacher for me. I have been with Janet about a year and a half now and i can’t say enough good things about her. I love her classes and rarely miss one. Her classes are judgement free, she is encouraging and she offers many different modifications if you’re having problems with certain poses. I have gained balance, strength, flexibility and confidence by following Janet. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or coming back to it, I highly recommend Janet’s classes.

Sue S.


I have practiced yoga for the past year and a half.  Due to living with myofacial pain I have found yoga to be the only exercise that makes me feel better all over. On nights I don't want to leave my comfortable chair I have never been sorry that I take time for a wonderful hour of yoga.

Since joining Janet’s yoga class I have learned so much more about breathing properly during the session, which has made the poses even more beneficial. Her instruction causes me to relax and put my full attention on what we are doing.

—Cheryl R.



I look forward to my private yoga sessions with Janet because she is a good instructor. I appreciate the modifications that make it possible for me to practice yoga, and enjoy the personal attention and adjustments. I feel a significant difference in my daily activities when I do yoga. My range of motion increases, and I feel better in general and accomplish more throughout the day. I enjoy regular yoga and occasionally, paddle board yoga, with Janet.

—Charlie A.



I have been taking workout classes for 37 years and yoga for the last eight. Janet is one of the best yoga instructors I've had. She is very knowledgeable and gives great instructions with alternatives for different levels. You really feel she has your best interest at heart and wants you to love yoga as much as she does. I only wish I had her class more than once a week.

—Loretta K.