30 Days to Fit and Fabulous

Why would a yoga teacher create a nutrition program? Actually, why not? Yoga is more than breath and movement. It's about creating balance in our lives. If we neglect or mistreat our body, the vessel that houses our spirit, we can feel depleted, and out of control. A healthy diet makes our practice on the mat both more accessible and more enjoyable.

Because in my past, I've ridden the weight gain - weight loss roller coaster, combined with the fact that I work in the world of healthcare, witnessing so much preventable disease, I have a passion for healthy living grounded in nutrition. To that end I have immersed myself in education, and obtained certifications, to make the difference I'm committed to making for myself and for you.

Forget about diets - they don't work. You know what else doesn't work? Willpower! Toughing it out can only last so long. What works are simple, healthy lifestyle changes that balance your body's hormones, so that it will naturally and healthfully release fat. No willpower required, and no gimmicks or quick fixes here - just solid nutrition. And did I mention the results are lasting?

More good news? Say goodbye to sugar cravings. And, you'll never go hungry with delicious, convenient smoothies, snacks and meals. No calories to count, points to track, and certainly no eliminating any food groups. Your energy will increase during the day, and you'll sleep better at night. Your mood will elevate, your skin will glow, and your health will improve as you reduce inflammation in your body, known to be the root cause of all disease.

This is a powerful, uplifting online program that will have you noticing a difference in the first few days, and loving your body in the first week! You'll be part of a community with similar goals, supporting one another during the 30 days and beyond. You'll have access to recipes, articles and recordings on important relevant health topics, including what to do beyond the 30 days. I even had my friend Jess, personal trainer extraordinaire, contribute some at home fitness videos for you.

Becoming fit and healthy is always more fun with friends, so with great excitement, I invite you to join me for "30 Days to Fit and Fabulous", kicking off June 1! Registration for this program is June 1-5. Here is a recording of the WEBCAST from June 1, which will enlighten you on the program. You may also CONTACT ME with your questions.

Once enrolled, you'll get a life altering package at your door with:

  • The cleanest, most nutritious shake bases on the planet, completely customizable to suit your preferences (56 servings). These shakes are sugar, gluten and GMO free!
  • Flavor packets of your choosing to jazz up your shakes, keeping things simple and tasty when you're on the go
  • 3 choices of yummy snack bars - low calorie and packed with protein, fiber, and healthy coconut oil.
  • A 28 day supply of Essentials, the #1 rated multivitamin and mineral supplement in the world (supporting cellular health to utilize good nutrition and release toxins)
  • A bottle of Digestive Enzymes, to ensure your body completely and comfortably digests and absorbs all the good nutrition you'll be consuming
  • A MySmart BPA free blender bottle with stainless steel mixing ball, for shakes on the go            

*All products have a 30 day 100% money back guarantee

Also included, at no additional charge:

  • Shake recipes
  • Healthy snack recipes
  • Questionnaire to help you determine your metabolism type, so you know which whole foods are best suited to your body
  • At home fitness videos and guidance
  • Recordings and articles on important health topics like digestion, avoiding toxins, reducing stress and the weight gain connection, and more
  • A downloadable audio recording for deep breathing relaxation
  • A personal consultation with me for each participant
  • Our own Fit and Fabulous closed Facebook group - expect lots of activity here
  • Discount on Sanoviv Restorative Health and Yoga retreat in September


The cost of the USANA products in the 30 day program is estimated at $389, depending on shipping.